The art scene in Lübeck

Are you a Lübeck visitor or a new citizen and are you looking for contemporary art in this city?
Many artists are living in Lübeck, working with the most diverse techniques: painting, sculpture, installation, graphics, videos, etc. Many are organized and develop exciting art events together.
Here you can find links to the most important artist associations:

The community of Lübeck's artists
The community of Lübeck's artists has existed since 1946 and currently has about 90 members. In numerous individual and group exhibitions, the members present the latest art of different styles and techniques. The most important event is the recurring annual judged show.

Since 2014 there has also been a permanent gallery site for the community, the
Artler Art Collective, Große Burgstr. 32, 23552 Lübeck, Germany.
Opening times during current exhibitions areThurs. and Fri. 17-19 h, Sat. 12-14 h

The GEDOK Schleswig-Holstein
The GEDOK-SH is the community of female artists and artist-supporters in Schleswig-Holstein, and it represents artists of all categories, such as musicians, writers, actresses and visual artists. Its headquarter is in Lübeck. Numerous events are organized by them both in Lübeck and throughout Schleswig-Holstein.

Opening hours can be found on the website.

Defacto Art
Since 1999 an artists' association existed in the inner city of Lübeck, which merged into the association "Defacto Art" in 2006. It is an open forum for different art categories. After the old fixed location had to be abandoned, a former petrol station next to the Holstentor
was established for the artists as a location for exhibitions and work. For more information, see Kunsttankstelle.
Opening hours can be found on the website.

In Lübeck, there are also many unorganized artists and galleries. Just go through the streets with your eyes open and discover the art scene for yourself!

You can also find out about the diverse culture in Lübeck here: